Darren O’Donnell is a novelist, essayist, playwright, director, designer and performer. His books include: Social Acupuncture (2006), which argues for aesthetics of civic engagement and Your Secrets Sleep with Me (2004), a novel about difference, love and the miraculous. His stage-based works include White Mice (1998), [boxhead] (2000), and All the Sex I’ve Ever Had (2012), all produced by Mammalian. He has a MSc in Urban Planning, a BFA in Acting, and he studied Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine at The Shiatsu School of Canada.

Darren’s work has been presented around the world in more than fifty cities, including: Austin, Bern, Birmingham, Bochum, Bologna, Brisbane, Briton, Brussels, Calgary, Chicago, Cork, Copenhagen, Darwin, Derry, Dublin, Duisberg, Edmonton, Enschede, Gelsenkirchen, Gladbeck, Glasgow, Gloucester, Greensboro,  Gwangju, Hamilton, Hong Kong, Inverness, Kitchener-Waterloo, Kelowna, Kuopio, Lahore, Leeds, London, Los Angeles, Manchester, Melbourne, Milan, Montreal, Mumbai, Newcastle Upon Tyne, New York, Norwich, Nyon, Oldenburg, Oslo, Ottawa, Perth, Portland, Prague, Regina, Skagaströnd, Singapore, Sydney, Lanceston, Terni, Trondheim, Vancouver, and Victoria.