M+, Hong Kong’s new museum of visual culture, presents ‘Open Up: Museum Learning in the 21st Century’, a series of talks that invites speakers to share their work and perspectives on a range of topics relevant to contemporary museums, and to explore how different strategies and approaches inform visitors’ experience and engagement in a museum. By examining the practices of museums around the world, this series also addresses the many possibilities of a museum in the 21st century.

Taking place between November 2017 and August 2018, the first seven talks in the series covered aspects of visitor engagement, including the positioning of contemporary museums in relation to learning, the role of docents, studies of visitor behaviour, access tours, visual thinking strategies, and interpretation.

Upcoming talks will continue to draw on various aspects associated with contemporary museums. By situating the museum in a global context and examining how its roles and strategies can evolve, we prompt visitors to rethink their museum experience and its relevance to their life.

The talks are open to cultural practitioners, docents, educators, and anyone interested in museum studies, with the hope that participants can apply the concepts and practices we discuss to their own museum visits, studies, teaching, curating and programming.

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