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Law Ka-ying
Artistic Curator and Director

Law Ka-ying is a famous leading actor in Cantonese opera and dedicated to the preservation, promotion and development of Cantonese opera. In 2012, he received the Medal of Honour from the Hong Kong SAR Government.

Cheng Wing-mui
Rehearsal Curator

Cheng Wing-mui received her training under Law Ka-ying, Lee Po-ying and the Chinese percussion master Keung Chi-leung. She has also received stylised movement training from Beijing opera teachers and vocal practice from Lau Kin-wing. In 1988, Cheng Wing-mui established the ‘Good Harvest Cantonese Opera Troupe’ and has performed in Singapore and Malaysia, as well as Hong Kong and Macao. In 2001, she performed in Berlin for ‘The Chinese Festival’.

Naomi Chung

Naomi Chung joined West Kowloon as Head of Xiqu, Performing Arts in October 2011. Since then she has produced a number of large productions including the West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre (2012, 2013, 2014) and the first Freespace Fest (2012), as well as the Xiqu Centre Seminar Series, Rising Stars of Cantonese Opera, The Ghost Seller & His Butterflies, the experimental Cantonese opera Farewell My Concubine (New Adaptation) and various cultural exchange programmes in mainland China. Most recently she produced The Reincarnation of Red Plum for the grand opening of the Xiqu Centre.

Before joining West Kowloon, Naomi Chung was the Technical Director of Hong Kong productions at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. She also worked with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra for nine years and served as the Head of Programmes & Education from 2001 to 2009.

Janet Wong
Music Arranger, Actor

Wong graduated in 2005 from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Advanced Certificate Programme (Cantonese Opera), where she specialised in dan (female) roles and studied under musician Ng Lut-kwong. Since then she has performed with various Cantonese opera troupes, including the Cantonese Opera Theatre, and also formed her own troupe. In 2011, Wong became a resident Actor in the Hong Kong Young Talent Cantonese Opera Troupe. In 2014, she won the Outstanding Performance Award at the Rising Stars in Cantonese Opera Showcase organised by the West Kowloon Cultural District, as well as the Award for Young Artist (Xiqu) presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Lee Tik-lun
Ensemble Leader

Lee Tik-lun graduated from the School of Chinese Opera at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where he received training from several renowned musicians. From 2011 to 2017 he served as the ensemble leader of the Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe at the HKAPA. Lee has completed certificate courses in erhu at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Mai Jiawei
Percussion Ensemble Leader (Invited)

Mai Jiawei graduated from the Guangdong Yueju School and the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing with a bachelor’s degree in music pedagogy and art management. From 2001, Mai worked at the Guangdong Cantonese Opera Theatre (Guangdong Yueju Yuan). Mai has composed for percussion in numerous Cantonese opera productions and received two First Class Awards at the Guangdong Art Festival.

Christie To Wing-sum

Christie To is a professional Cantonese opera Actor specialising in male roles. Performing since the age of four, she learned her art from her master Lee Lung. She has also studied under Cai Zhengren and Guan Shizhen. Besides performing, To has worked as composer, lighting designer and stage manager for a number of professional productions.

Chan Hei-yu

Chan Hei-yu started her Cantonese opera aged seven under Kwok King, Man Lai-fung, Chen Ming-ying, and Vanessa Tsang Ho-chi, and obtaining a level 12 in the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Exams at the age of 18. An active Cantonese opera and Chinese dance Actor, Chan was selected as a featured artist in the Cantonese Opera Young Talent Showcase in 2018. Chan graduated from the Journalism and Media Studies Centre of the University of Hong Kong in 2016, and besides performing, also works as a radio presenter hosting xiqu-related programmes at RTHK Radio 5.

Mo Huamin

Mo Huamin is a professional Cantonese opera Actor specialising in male roles. She started her training aged 11 with the Zhanjiang Little Phoenix Cantonese Opera Troupe in China under the tutelage of Kong Queping. She joined the Zhanjiang Cantonese Opera Troupe (Zhanjiang Yuejutuan) and the Xiangshan Cantonese Opera Troupe of Guangdong before being admitted to the School of Chinese Opera at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2012. In 2016, Mo was invited to take part in a prestigious performance in Sydney, Australia.

Wong Ho-yau

Wong Ho-yau majored in Chinese Opera Performance at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where she received a number of awards, including the Lam Kar Sing Foundation Scholarship, the Sunbeam Chinese Opera Cultural Scholarship, the HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship and the Director’s Award. In addition to Chinese opera, Wong has also studied piano, dizi (Chinese flute), hulusi (gourd flute) and other instruments, gaining the Royal School of Music grade eight in piano (2011) and the China Nationalities Orchestra Society grade nine in hulusi and dizi (2013).

Wong has performed in full-length and excerpt productions in China and internationally, including performances of Ping Gui Bids FarewellDeath in the ShrinePavilion of a Hundred Flowers and the new Cantonese opera production Mothers and Sons. In 2016/2017 she joined the ICAC Ambassador Programme and produced an ICAC promotional video featuring Cantonese opera. In 2018 she performed in a Hong Kong Monetary Authority promotional video for the new Hong Kong bank notes.

Vong Seng-pan

Born and raised in Macau, Vong Seng-pan began his training in Cantonese opera at the age of nine. He performed lead roles in Cantonese opera productions at the Macau Arts Festival before joining the Cantonese Opera Young Talent Showcase in Hong Kong. He has since performed lead roles in several classic productions and received coaching from Guan Shizhen, Tsai Chi-wei and Wong Sing-kwan.

Alan Tam Wing-lun

First exposed to Cantonese opera as a two-year-old, Tam joined the Hong Kong Children and Juvenile Chinese Opera Troupe at the age of three. Since then he has studied foundation and paichang (traditional style) training under several teachers, including Cheung Bo-wah, Lui Hung-kwong, Cheung Wing-mui, Ng Cheuk-jung, Fu Yuet-wah and Wang Jialing. Tam also studied singing techniques under Lam Kam-tong. In 2013, he won the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Award for Young Artist (Xiqu), and in 2014 he was selected to perform in the Rising Stars in Cantonese Opera Showcase organised by the West Kowloon Cultural District.

John Ho Chun-hei

John Ho received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) from the School of Chinese Opera at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, where he studied dizi (Chinese flute) under Chan King-tsun and Cantonese opera accompaniment under Chen Fen. His outstanding performance helped him gain scholarships from the Lam Ka-sing Foundation and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships Scheme, as well as a commendation on the Dean’s List.

Ho participated in the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales in 2013, where he was the first runner-up in the Open Folk Solo category. In 2017, he received a silver award at the Tongyin Cup National Dizi Competition in China.

Ho has participated in several performances, including Waiting Heart by the Hong Kong Dance Company, the All About Love Chinese New Year Concert by the Hong Kong String Orchestra, and concerts by the Tsun Lok Dizi Enzemble Group. Besides Cantonese opera accompaniment, he also studied Kunqu accompaniment under Koo Siu-sun and Xing Jinsha and helped publish music scores for Xing Jinsha’s autobiography and recordings.

Yue Kin-long

Young musician Yue Kin-long is currently head of orchestra with the Gaudeamus Dunhuang ensemble, sheng (Chinese reed pipes) principal with the Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra, a core member of the Academy Chinese Orchestra at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, a part-time musician with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and a principal member of the JohnChen Ensemble.

From the age of eight, Yue studied sheng under Loo Sze-wang at the Hong Kong Music Office. Since 2013 he has been a student at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, receiving a grant from the HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund to complete an Advanced Diploma in Music, and studying Chinese music under renowned sheng master Cheng Tak-wai and Chinese percussion under Yim Hok-man (Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra). Yue is also the recipient of the HSBC HKAPA Mainland China Study Programme Scholarship and has participated in a masterclass with sheng master Weng Zhenfa.

Yue has collaborated with several different art groups and cultural organisations, including the Hong Kong String Orchestra, Musicus Society, Four Gig Heads Percussion Group, the Xiqu Centre at West Kowloon, and Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop, and performed in several major cities in the region and internationally.

Yuen Ka-yi

Yuen Ka-yi was introduced to xiqu music when she began to study yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer) and Cantonese music under Pan Weiwen, and continued to teach herself by listening to xiqu music at school. Since 2013, Yuen has been a part-time musician with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. She has participated in several Cantonese music concerts, including the inauguration concert of the Hong Kong Cantonese Music Society, and the joint concert Yuen Siu Fai x HKAPA: Traditional Cantonese Singing and Music.

Liu Chun-hei

Liu Chun-hei started learning erhu under Sam Cheung Kwong-sing at the age of nine. He received guidance from Zhou Yi, principal erhu player with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. In 2018, Liu received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Chinese opera at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, where he studied under Lei Yeying of the Xinghai Conservatory of Music, as well as Luo Qinger, and received several scholarships. Liu has participated in a number of Cantonese opera performances as zhonghu, erhu, and electric ruan player.

So Hong-ting

So Hong-ting started learning pipa under Hong Kong pipa soloist Chass Wong Ling-yan. In 2013 she received a diploma in Cantonese opera from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, where she studied pipa under Lam Siu-king and guzheng (Chinese zither) under Yimen Ho. Before joining the Tea House Rising Stars Troupe in 2018, So was a prominent member of the Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe and an active musician in the Cantonese opera industry.


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