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Shanghai Pingtan Troupe
Founded in 1951, the Shanghai Pingtan Troupe is China’s first national Pingtan troupe and renowned for its expertise in the Pingtan art form – a folk art form of musical storytelling admired for its unique performance style and original plots and characters.

In the years since its founding, the troupe has developed a unique artistic style inspired by the art and culture of Shanghai and the contributions of generations of talented performers. The troupe consists of a number of acclaimed and award-winning Pingtan artists and originators of various Pingtan schools, including Jiang Yuequan, Yang Zhenxiong, Zhang Jianting, Yan Xueting, Zhou Yunrui, Zhu Xueqin and Xu Lixian. Each year, the troupe performs widely in China and internationally.

Gao Bowen

Gao Bowen is a National Class One Performer and director of the Shanghai Pingtan Troupe. He trained under renowned Pingtan performers such as Rao Yichen and Chen Xi’an. His repertoire includes Pearl Pagoda and Hairpin with A Golden Phoenix. Winner of the China Quyi Peony Award for Best Actor and the China Pingtan Art Festival Best Performance Award, he has performed at the CCTV New Year’s Gala and currently serves as a board member at the Chinese Quyi Artists Association.

Wu Jinghui

Wu Jinghui is a National Class Two Performer and a member of the Shanghai Quyi Artists Association. She trained under Tanci masters Wang Boyin and Jiang Wenlan, and is best known for her work in Legend of the White Snake and Jade Guanyin. She is a runner-up for the Best Newcomer Award in the National Quyi New Talent Showcase and a third-place winner of the China Pingtan Art Festival Best Performance Award.

Huang Haihua

Huang Haihua is a National Class One Performer and a member of the Suzhou Pingtan Art Committee. A protégé of veteran Pingtan artist Zhang Junmou, his repertoire includes Jade Dragonfly and Legend of the White Snake. He is a winner of the China Quyi Peony Award for Best Newcomer and won second place in the National Quyi New Talent Showcase.

Xie Yan

Xie Yan is a National Class Two Performer. She studied under celebrated Pingtan artists Hu Guoliang and Ni Yingchun. Her repertoire includes Yang Naiwu and Xiao Baicai and The Uncrowned Queen. She has performed in several award-winning productions as well as the 2015 Shanghai Dragon TV New Year Gala and the 2016 G20 Summit gala performance in Hangzhou.

Tao Yingyun

Tao Yingyun is a National Class Two Performer. Her mentor is Pingtan artist Chen Yulin and her repertoire includes Wu Song, Dorgon and The Double-pearl Phoenix. She was named “Best Newcomer” at both the China Quyi Peony Awards and the Jiangsu Province Quyi Reed Blossom Awards, and won Best Performance Award at the Jiangsu Province Quyi Festival.

Guo Li

Director and scriptwriter Guo Li is also an actor with the Shanghai Farce Troupe. He has worked as producer and actor in a number of TV comedy programmes, including Lau Nyan JieuBlack Tea House and Happy Three Brothers.