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She Said Why Me / Sylvia Kristel – Paris / 24 City

16 Jan (Sat), 3:00pm

She Said Why Me (1989)
May Fung, 8 min., digital, Hong Kong

A woman travels, blindfolded, from an ancient countryside temple to a bustling city. Her surroundings change, but her sense of unease lingers. The director uses a distinctively female perspective to combine the past and present, expressing a sense of anxiety that permeated Hong Kong during that particular moment in time.

May Fung (Hong Kong, born 1952) is a filmmaker, video artist, curator, and critic. Her works are personal and political, touching upon issues such as gender, environment, and cultural landscape. She works in moving image, installation, and performance, and she has also worked with the theatre as an experimental platform.
Sylvia Kristel – Paris (2003)
Manon de Boer, 39 min., French with English subtitles, digital, Belgium

Sylvia Kristel, who starred in the title role of the classic French erotic film Emmanuelle, shares stories from her life in Paris during interviews conducted in 2001 and 2002. Her narration, in the style of a personal essay, records the passage of time as she grows from a naive girl to a mature woman. Meanwhile, the camera lingers on everyday scenes of Paris.

Manon de Boer (Dutch, born 1966) is an artist and filmmaker based in Brussels. Her films are portraits of actors, dancers and musicians; she intersects personal narrations with musical elements to reveal and interrogate the ideas of time and truth.

Courtesy of Manon de Boer
24 City (2008)
Jia Zhangke, 112 min., Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles, DCP, China/Hong Kong/Japan

This film uses nine interviews, some real and some fictional, to explore processes of historic change. Factory 420 is being demolished and replaced by a large-scale apartment complex. Three generations of workers, who have experienced personal transformations and tumultuous upheavals in Chinese society, reflect on the scars and memories that define their relationship with the city they live in.

Jia Zhangke(Chinese, born 1970) is a filmmaker based in Beijing. His films document and reveal changes within ordinary Chinese cities and people undergoing dramatic social transformation. Together, these narratives tell a poignant story of his native land whilst resonating with the modern-day human condition.

Courtesy of Xstream Pictures (Beijing) Limited, Shanghai Film Group Co.,Ltd., China Resources (Holdings) Co.,Ltd

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