When Chongzhen ascends the throne, he has ambitions to revive the Ming Dynasty. The attack on the border by the people of Jin, coupled wih the critical situation in the Battle of Ningyuan, prompts Empress Yi’an, the emperor’s sister-in-law, to recommend Yuan Chonghuan as the supreme commander of Liaodong. With Yuan’s promise to take over Liaodong in five years, Chongzhen awards him in person the seal of commander and the sword of state.

Despite resolving the crisis in Ningyuan, Yuan is imprisoned for treason, by the deceived Chongzhen. Empress Yi’an visits Yuan in jail and grieves over his death sentence. The morale of the Great Ming troops is at low point because of the external threat from the people of Jin, as well as his ubiquitous internal rebel forces against the court.

In 1644, eunuch Cao Huachun secretly opens the city gate, which enables Li Chuang to enter the capital. Chongzhen make apologies in the Imperial Ancestral Temple, where he meets Empress Yi’an, who feels ashamed to face the previous emperors and plans to die for the country.

Worrying about the humiliation of Empress Zhou and Princess Changping by the wicked enemy, Chongzhen kills them in the Imperial Harem. Knowing that the end is near, he writes his last words in Meishan, urging the enemy not to harm any civilian in exchange for the dismemberment of his corpse. To preserve the dignity of the court, he hangs himself. Soon after, the loyal eunuch Wang Chen-en follows, in tears.

Song Hong-bo as Chongzhen
Wen Fei-yin as Empress Yi’an
Yau Sing-po as Yuan Chonghuan
Alan Tam Wing-lun as Wang Cheng-en
Chan Ka-ming as Empress Zhou
Kim Lun as Hong Taiji
Chan Wing-gwong as Cao Huachun
Kwok Kai-fai as Xiong Mingyu
Ng Kwok-wa as Li Zicheng
Leung Fei-tung as Princess Changping

Programme Details

2 & 3 November 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)

Approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes including an intermission of 15 minutes

Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

$500, $420, $340, $260, $180
Concessions apply to all tickets, except selected seats in $500

Half price for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and a companion, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients and full-time students. Concessionary tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. Ticket holders must present proof of eligibility on admission.

Prosperity Cantonese Opera Production Studio

Cantonese with Chinese surtitles

Age Limit:
Suitable for ages 6 and above

Ticketing Enquiries:
(852) 2200 0022,

Programme Enquiries:
Ms Ng (852) 6201 4250

Ticket available from 5 August 2019 (Monday) at 10am.

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