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The Shortcut to the Systematic Life: City Spirits / Miami / La Town

17 Jan (Sun), 2:00pm

The Shortcut to the Systematic Life: City Spirits (2005)
Tsui Kuang-Yu, 8 min., digital, Taiwan

Bowling in a city street; waving a race-track chequered flag on a busy road; Tsui Kuang-Yu uses these ostensibly senseless actions in London and Taipei to explore and subvert preconceptions about cities and everyday life.

Tsui Kuang-Yu (Taiwanese, born 1974) is a video artist based in Taipei. He often engages with the everyday in his work, investigating the relationships between people and their living environments by challenging and reinterpreting accustomed norms.
Miami (2002)
Sarah Morris, 27 min., digital, USA

The camera pans across Miami's car washes, hotels, supermarkets, beaches, and factories. This film presents the architecture and landscape of the city, and its sober and slow-burning visual style is accompanied by rich and rhythmic electronic music. The result is a film that uses a multi-faceted subjectivity to analyse the psychological state of the city of Miami.

Sarah Morris (American, born 1967) is a painter and filmmaker based in New York. She is best known for her geometric, abstract paintings and films that interrogate the architectural and psychological landscapes of major cities, including New York, Miami, and Beijing.

© Sarah Morris. Courtesy White Cube
La Town (2014)
Cao Fei, 42 min., French with English subtitles, DCP, China

La Town is a futuristic city depicted with miniature plastic models and toys at a 1:87 scale to reality. The artist Cao Fei pairs this fictitious micro-world with classic dialogue from Alain Resnais's Hiroshima Mon Amour. The result is a reimagined narrative of a city's past and non-existent future, as well as its enigmatic history across time.

Cao Fei (Chinese, born 1978) is a Beijing-based visual artist and filmmaker. She works within a range of mediums including film, performance, and installation to create works that often juxtapose fictional qualities with urban modern Chinese realities.

Courtesy of Cao Fei and Vitamin Creative Space
The dialogue made reference to French film Hiroshima Mon Amour (1957), director Alain Resnais, screenplay by Marguerite Duras

La Town has been classified as a Category III film, only viewers who are 18 years old or above will be admitted.

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