Still from Jill Westwood, The Wound, 1984
Courtesy the artist and LUX

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Through a Glass, Darkly

10 Jul (Sun), 2:00pm

Through a Glass, Darkly
76 min, English, DCP, United Kingdom

Provocative filmmakers in the early 1980s pursued occult interests, treating the moving image like a mirror or a crystal ball: a surface of divination to remap perception and question distinctions between what is and what might be, the objective and the subjective, the body and the mind. The programme includes challenging, transgressive work originally connected to the industrial scene.

The Wound, UK, 1984, dir. Jill Westwood, 18 min.
Winter Journey in the Hartz Mountains, UK, 1983, dir. Cordelia Swann, 12 min.
Liquid Video, UK, 1983, dir. Michael Kostiff, 10 min.
The Branks, UK, 1982, dir. Akiko Hada, 7 min.
All Veneer and No Backbone, UK, 1980–84, dir. Holly Warburton, 5 min.
23 Skidoo: F.U.G.I., UK, 1983, dir. Richard Heslop, 5 min.
Grayson/Flowers/Jewels, UK, 1985, dir. Jennifer Binnie, 3 min.
Lyrical Doubt, UK, 1984, dir. Judith Goddard, 16 min.

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