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Untitled (Dancing Partner) / Yella

17 Jan (Sun), 3:35pm

Untitled (Dancing Partner) (2010)
Liu Chuang, 5 min., digital, China

Deep in the night, two cars of the same model keep pace on a Beijing motorway at the minimum speed of 60 kilometres per hour. Their eerie presence in the empty city calls into question our perceptions of abnormality and irrationality in the everyday.

Liu Chuang (Chinese, born 1978) lives and works in Beijing. His works explore, challenge, and interact with social norms as well as with everyday routines in Chinese society, which is underpinned by the country’s rapid industrialisation and urbanisation.
Yella (2007)
Christian Petzold, German with English subtitles, 98 min., 35mm, Germany

The unhappily married Yella moves from East to West Germany to start a new life. When a finance executive enters the picture, she thinks she’s off to a great start, not realising that her ex-husband is not through with her. A captivating car crash and the closed spaces of Munich's modern architecture shape Yella's precarious position and reflect the ghostly process of integration between East and West Germany following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Christian Petzold (German, born 1960) is a Berlin-based filmmaker. In his works, illusion and reality, past and present, collective memory and personal history are all woven into a complex web wherein the protagonist struggles with issues of identity and morality.

35mm film print provided byGoethe-Institute Hong Kong

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