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Video Killed the Radio Star

10 Jul (Sun), 3:30pm

Video Killed the Radio Star
76 min, English, DCP, United Kingdom

Early independent video releases were the revolutionary, DIY antidote to a television system that was only just gearing up to a fourth channel. They bypassed censorship and provided a platform for the marginalised and unsanctioned. This eclectic selection includes a very rare title by John Smith and punchy, stuttering Scratch Video works by the Duvet Brothers, Kim Flitcroft and Sandra Goldbacher, Gorilla Tapes, and George Barber.

Echo and the Bunnymen: Shine So Hard, UK, 1981, dir. John Smith, 32 min.
The Miners’ Campaign Tapes: The Lie Machine, UK, 1984, dir. Various, 16 min.
The Greatest Hits of Scratch Video Volume 2, UK, 1984, dir. Various, 28 min.

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