10 February (Sunday) Programme Rundown


Taiwan Indigenous Dance Workshop 1


Taiwan Indigenous Dance Workshop 2 and Performance by TAI Body Theatre

Programme Description
In February, we welcome TAI Body Theatre from Hualian, who join us to present a workshop based on indigenous dance and music from Taiwan. 

After two years of field studies recording indigenous dance and exploring the connections between the feet and the land, Watan Tusi, founder and director of TAI Body Theatre devised a new form of expressive “foot language”. To find out more about the company’s unique “foot scripts”, join Watan and the TAI Body Theatre in our free workshops as they guide you through the steps and explain the connections with traditional indigenous dance. Members of local dance company Y-Space will also be on site to help you learn.

At the end of the afternoon, TAI Body Theatre also present Tjakudayi – How to Say I Love You, a work adapted from an indigenous novel and incorporating Paiwan tribal folk songs.

Free admission. No registration required.

About TAI Body Theatre
Based in Hualian, Taiwan, TAI Body Theatre was founded in 2012 by the indigenous Truku artist Watan Tusi, and includes young members from the Truku, Paiwan and Puyuma tribes in eastern Taiwan. The company’s name, Tai, is taken from the Truku word meaning “look” or “see” and reflects Watan’s desire to look for new possibilities for indigenous dance and music. With productions touching on issues such as indigenous literature and the relationship between the body, music and the environment, the company has toured regionally and internationally, performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the UK and the Jogja International Performance Art Festival in Indonesia. The work Dancing Around the World was nominated at the 2016 Taishin Arts Awards.

About Y-Space 
Hong Kong dance company Y-Space was founded in 1995 by dance artists Victor Ma Choi-wo and Mandy Yim Ming-yin. Dedicated to creating performance works that are characteristic of local culture and explore new dance languages and directions, Y-Space also work to promote conversations and collaborations between international and local dance artists, and to increase the international impact of Hong Kong dance. Y-Space has cultivated spaces for creativity in local theatre, the community and schools, and has toured to more than 20 cities in 13 countries by international invitation.

Collaborating Partners:

Tai Body Theatre  
Y-Space Hong Kong Arts Development Council