13 January (Sunday) Programme Rundown


Workshop 1


Workshop 2 and Performance by The Condors Dance Company

Programme Description
The first WE Dance session of 2019 promises lots of fun and surprises with the zany all-male Condors Dance Company from Japan and a lively new take on the traditional Bon-odori circle dance!

Traditionally Bon-odori is performed in summer during Obon – the Japanese Hungry Ghost festival – to welcome the spirits of the ancestors. This contemporary version, presented by the Condors and created by troupe leader Ryohei Kondo, is perfect for any time of the year! Combining traditional folk dance gestures with easy everyday movements, the new Bon-odori transforms a formal solo dance into a quirky partner dance.

To find out just how much fun it can be, come along to our free workshops and let the “Shar Squad” – our energetic local partners who learnt the dance with the Condors – show you the moves. The Condors Dance Company will also be on site to present an exciting new contemporary performance!

Free admission. No registration required.

About The Condors Dance Company
The all-male dancers of the Condors troupe come in all shapes and sizes. Known for their zany mix of traditional moves, comedy sketches, retro rock music and storytelling, they perform a unique style of exuberant high-energy dance. Besides being dancers, the troupe members all lead creative professional lives as university lecturers, bar owners, martial arts masters, musicians and more, giving a quirky edge to their contemporary dance and performance. Since 1996, the Condors have performed regularly to sold-out houses and much critical acclaim, not only in Japan but also across the globe.

About Unlock Dancing Plaza
Founded in 2002, Unlock Dancing Plaza is a modern dance company devoted to liberating dance from the constraints of the stage and offering dancers and audiences new ways to appreciate and experience movement. With the “Unlock Body Lab” the company explores dance through the lens of the body, and the organic combination of body movement and self-consciousness. Unlock’s work has manifested in text, video, Body-in-Progress works, as well as creative dance education in schools and communities. Recent productions include Phoenix III – Read the World with Your Heart, Wanderer and Boy Story. The work Reborn was recognised with the Hong Kong Dance Award in 2009, 2015 and 2016.

About CUHK Modern Dance Society
Established to promote dance culture among students, CUHK Modern Dance Society is a student-run platform that organises workshops, performances and competitions with a focus on street dance and modern dance. Believing that dance is a unique channel for communication, they hope to connect young people through the activities they host. The society has received awards from Intra-Vasity Dance Competition and Joint University Battle Session.

About WAO!Singers
Formed in 2014, the community-based choir WAO!Singers is passionate about music and the society. With the goal of nurturing artistic talent and inspiring creativity, the group connects with local communities through flash mob events and performances in schools, shopping malls, and other public venues. WAO!Singers also provides a platform to help youngsters develop their interest in the performing arts. Bringing together people of all backgrounds and creating harmony through music, the team promotes unity, care and mutual help within the community.

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Unlock Unlock
CUds We are one

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