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Dansema Dance Theater

Dansema Dance Theater from Lithuania promotes contemporary dance culture through artistic and educational projects. Established in 2007, it was the first theatre in Lithuania to create professional dance performances for young audiences and since 2014 has focused on developing dance productions for children under the age of three. Dansema has presented performances in Croatia, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Palestine, Ukraine, Estonia, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, China, the UK and the US.

HKAPA School of Dance

The School of Dance provides high quality professional education and training in ballet, Chinese dance and contemporary dance, helping young dance artists develop a broad interest in arts and cultural studies, appreciate the relationship between dance and the world around them and become articulate advocates for their art form.

The HKAPA set up the Gifted Young Dancer Programme in 2004 to cultivate talented young students aged 14 to 18 looking for a career in dance. Complementing and supplementing students’ private dance tuition, the programme prepares them for the School of Dance’s full-time studies by offering excellent facilities and sound technical and artistic training with some of the most experienced dance teachers in Hong Kong. Through the programme, students study technique and repertory and learn basic skills in composition, improvisation, safe dance practice and career planning.

Hong Kong Ballet

One of Asia’s premier ballet companies, Hong Kong Ballet is committed to providing captivating experiences that delight and inspire audiences at home and abroad. With accomplished dancers from Hong Kong, mainland China, Europe, the US and other parts of Asia and a repertoire of full-length classical and contemporary ballets and productions choreographed especially for children, the company has won regional and international recognition for its creativity, talent and artistry.

Hong Kong Dance Federation

The Hong Kong Dance Federation (HKDF) is a non-profit organisation established in 1978 by Pearl Chan, Stephen Kwok, Helen Lai, Lau Siu-ming, Ng Sai-fun, Cheng Ya-ching and Wong Ngai-yum, to promote the art of dance and dance development in Hong Kong.

HKDF provides dance education and examinations, productions, outreach activities, publications and commissioned events. By developing dance programmes that benefit the community, liaising with local and international dance professionals to improve the overall artistic level of performance, and enriching cultural activities in the community, the organisation successfully engages a wide range of teachers, students, performers and audiences.

Awarded the Caring Organisation Logo in recognition of its efforts to promote corporate social responsibilities, HKDF is a member of the International Dance Council and the International Dance Organisation.


Hong Kong Street Dance Development Alliance

Founded in 2015, the Hong Kong Street Dance Development Alliance is a non-profit arts organisation committed to promoting street dance culture in Hong Kong. The Alliance organises regular street dance competitions and workshops to help the public learn more about the dance form.

Hong Kong Wheelchair Dance Sport Association

Established in 2003, the Hong Kong Wheelchair Dance Sport Association is a non-profit, independent society that promotes wheelchair ballroom dance sport for physically disabled and able-bodied dancers. As well as organising performances and exchanges with comparable dance bodies, the association also selects and trains wheelchair dance athletes for International Paralympic Committee Wheelchair Dance Committee events, and currently assists four voluntary organisations in their efforts to develop the wheelchair ballroom dance sport.

K&B Dance Company

Founded by Ken Yin and Betty Wong, former members of the national dance sport team, K&B Dance Company nurtures professional Latin dance tutors, athletes and dance lovers in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau. The company’s unique education model is suitable for both professional dancers and novices wanting a taste of social dance.

Otrotango Dance Company

One of Hong Kong’s leading Argentine tango teams, Otrotango Dance Company was founded by Raymond and Lily, champions of the Tango Dance World Championship 2011 in Asia (Salon Tango) and China Argentine Tango Championship 2014 (Salon Tango and Waltz), and finalists of the Tango Dance World Championship 2011 in Buenos Aires (Salon Tango). Over the years, Lily and Raymond have provided exceptional training to many local students and international tango dancers, taking tango in Hong Kong to new levels and travelling to many cities in Asia to teach workshops and perform. They have performed in some of the most prestigious dance salons in Buenos Aires, the mecca of tango. Their choreographic works have also been widely recognised, and they have created choreography for some of the top dancers in Asia.

The Rhythmosaic Sengupta Dance Company

Pushing the boundaries of classical and contemporary movement art, the Rhythmosaic Sengupta Dance Company from India produces original works based on the techniques and philosophy of classical Kathak, classical jazz dance and contemporary dance. The company’s unique movement language is a disciplined experimental hybrid that incorporates nuances of traditional dance forms and allows the dancers to move between diverse genres of movement art from around the world.