Showcase 1 - Dance from around the World (2:30pm–3:00pm)

Folk Dance

Originally performed for ritual purposes, folk dances are symbols of community traditions, bringing people together with simple steps, infectious music and a happy, social atmosphere. Join us and enjoy the distinctive rhythms of traditional dances from the Czech Republic, China, India, Hungary and Mexico.

Csiki táncok (Hungary) 
Choreography: Fred Yeung
Performer: Po Leung Kuk Lee Shing Pik College

Dances from Bohemia, Czechia (Czech Republic)
Choreography: Živana Vajsarová
Performer: Budlet Folk Dance Club

In Ritual (India)
Choreography: Dr Mitul Sengupta
Performer: Dr Mitul Sengupta

In the Field of Hope (China)
Choreography: Jiang Hua Xuan
Performer: School of Dance, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Waltz from Chiapas, México (Mexico)
Choreography: Auda de Los Cobos
Performer: Budlet Folk Dance Club

Xinjiang Suite (China)
Choreography: Zhao Na
Performer: Gifted Young Dancer Programme (GYDP), The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Showcase 2 - Showcase by Hong Kong Ballet (4:45pm–5:15pm)


What happens when you mix ballet with The Beatles? Join us and find out, when Hong Kong Ballet, one of Asia’s premier classical ballet companies, offers a preview look at their upcoming premiere of Trey McIntyre’s A Day in the Life – a rock ballet set to music of The Beatles.

The showcase also features two dance excerpts from their existing repertoire, with dancer Hu Song Wei Ricky delving into the dark regions of our minds with Demons, and enchanting Egyptian Dance from The Nutcracker by Terrene Kohler.

Please note: As sound recordings are not permitted for this performance, we encourage you to put down your phones, immerse yourself in the moment, and enjoy the action taking place before your eyes!

Choreography: Hu Song Wei Ricky
Performer: Hong Kong Ballet 
Mikael Karlssons music from Mari Carrasco´s ”Paperplane” , are used exclusive within the program with courtesy of Riksteatern / The National Touring Theatre of Sweden 
“Inori” written & performed by Hatis Noit, published by Erased Tapes Music Publishing, with courtesy of Erased Tapes Records

Egyptian Dance from The Nutcracker
Choreography: Terrene Kohler
Performer: Hong Kong Ballet

Excerpts from A Day in the Life
Choreography: Trey McIntyre
Performer: Hong Kong Ballet 

Showcase 3 - Step Up ! Latin & Street Dance (5:15pm–6:00pm)

Latin Dance

Latin social dances are for everyone! In our special showcase, dancers of all ages and abilities show you how to let yourself be moved by the rhythms and energy of the cha-cha-cha, rumba, samba, paso doble, and jive!

Choreography: Ken Yin and Betty Wong
Performer: K&B Dance Company 

Latin Medley
Choreography: Ken Yin and Betty Wong
Performer: K&B Dance Company

Street Dance

Street dance is about expressing your individual style through dance. Don’t miss our great showcase, where top professional and student dancers from the Hong Kong Street Dance Championship 2017 show off their attitude and passion!

The Souls of Argentine Tango

Showcase 4 (6:00pm–6:15pm)

Argentine Tango

Originating from Buenos Aires, Argentine tango is a popular social dance enjoyed by dancers of all ages. The close embrace, the unspoken communication and passionate music make it one of the most seductive, romantic dance forms. Performing a range of Argentine tango styles – from couple to group dance, traditional to modern, staged routines to improvisation – our talented dancers present a showcase you won’t want to miss.

Milonga (6:35pm–8:00pm)

Improvisation and interpretation are at the heart of Argentine tango, a dance that lets strangers make intimate connections in the space of just one dance. Our Milonga is a special tango showcase highlighting the unique and magical qualities of this popular social dance. Dancers familiar with tango are welcome to take the floor.