As part of our grand opening programme, we present a special screening series of some of the most iconic xiqu films produced over eight decades. 

In March, to complement the China Theatre Association Plum Blossom Award Troupe performances in the Grand Theatre, we present eight films highlighting different regional xiqu varieties. Produced between 1957 and 2016, these films spotlight the work of award-winning artists, and show the enduring popularity of the xiqu genre. With many of these films being shown for the first time in Hong Kong, this screening series offers an exciting opportunity to catch some rare examples of fine xiqu cinema!




9 March 2019 (Saturday)


The Jade Hairpin*

Taiwanese opera / 1967 / B&W / 95min / D Beta / No subtitles


The Pearl Pagoda

Xiju / 2016 / Colour / 94min / DVD / Chinese and English subtitles

10 March 2019 (Sunday)


Tenth Madam

Chuanju / 1957 / Colour / 91min / DCP / No subtitles


The Story of Sixth Madam Su 

Teochew opera / 1960 / Colour / 104min / D Beta / Chinese subtitles

23 March 2019 (Saturday)


Driven to Join the Liangshan Rebels

Peking opera / 2013 / Colour / 119min / DVD / Chinese subtitles


The Scholar and the Widow

Liyuan opera / 2013 / Colour / 120min / DVD / Chinese and English subtitles

24 March 2019 (Sunday)


The Legend of Hua Mulan

Longjiang opera / 2010 / Colour / 110min / DVD / Chinese subtitles


Executing Chen Shimei 

Qinqiang / 2011 / Colour / 102min / DVD / Chinese subtitles

*The Authority respects copyright and whilst every effort has been made to locate the author and owner of the copyrights of this film to provide credit but  they cannot be contacted. The Authority urges owner of the copyrights or the author of this film to contact the Authority at

Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre


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Screening courtesy of the Hong Kong Film Archive, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, China Film Archive and China Theatre Association

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