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A Woman’s Perspective, Past and Present

The Shanghai Yue Opera House discuss their immersive avant-garde production Destiny of Rebirth – a contemporary reimagining of a classic lyrical poem that merges modern aesthetics and traditional Yue opera techniques to explore past and present perspectives on female identity
31.10.2020|Xiqu Centre and live-streaming

Feature Stories

Interviews and articles about Xiqu Centre programmes, commissions and our work to nurture artists and promote the art of Chinese opera

Gallery of Experimental Chinese Festival 2020

This October and November, the Xiqu Centre presents the Experimental Chinese Opera Festival 2020. Watch the performance and event trailer now


Experimental Chinese Opera Festival 2020

Highlighting new perspectives on contemporary Chinese opera, this year’s festival includes performances of the experimental Cantonese opera productions Wenguang Explores the Valley and Farewell My Concubine (New Adaptation), as well as sharing sessions with four regional troupes
10.10-15.11.2020|Studio, Xiqu Centre and live-streaming

Tea House Theatre Experience

Presented by our Tea House Rising Stars Troupe, this 90-minute narrated performance is specially designed to introduce new audiences to Chinese traditional theatre
9.10–29.11.2020|Tea House, Xiqu Centre

Music in the Atrium

Presented in the Xiqu Centre Atrium, our free performances of Chinese music by a changing line-up of invited professional troupes showcase a range of styles and traditional instruments
24-26.10.2020|Atrium, Xiqu Centre

Xiqu Centre Guided Tours

Supplemented with multimedia elements, our 60-minute guided tours help you explore the Xiqu Centre facilities and discover fascinating facts about the design of our venue and the culture and stories behind the ancient art of Chinese opera
3-31.10.2020|Xiqu Centre

Using Confucian Texts and Ancient Classics in Cantonese Opera

In this series of two talks, writer Woo Kwok-yin discusses the creative process behind his work The Peregrinations of Confucius and explores how Cantonese opera, as a multidisciplinary art form, can breathe new life and relevancy into classic texts
27.10-3.11.2020|Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre

Xiqu Paper Headdress Workshop

Make your own life-size paper model and learn fun facts about xiqu headdresses in a fun, hands-on workshop
14.11.2020|Studio, Xiqu Centre

Wearable Xiqu-inspired Jewellery – Simple Sequin Brooch

In this fun, free workshop, local artists Kong Hoi-kan and Ng Sze-yu show you how to make a simple xiqu-inspired brooch using colourful sequins and share insight into the symbolic role of garments and head pieces in xiqu performances
15.11.2020|Atrium, Xiqu Centre