The Xiqu Centre is a world-class arts venue dedicated to the promotion of Chinese traditional theatre. It offers a comprehensive venue solution for xiqu-related productions and cultural events. If you are interested in hiring our facilities, please click here.


Atrium | Grand Theatre | Tea House Theatre | Seminar Hall | Studios



The main entrance to the Xiqu Centre leads directly into a covered public atrium. Inside is a large podium designed as an urban stage where visitors can relax, see exhibitions, listen to music or watch xiqu demonstrations.


Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre is a world-class venue showcasing high-quality traditional and contemporary xiqu performances by artists from Hong Kong, mainland China and Southeast Asia. Tailor-made for professional xiqu presentations, the theatre is fitted with state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment. Seating capacity 1,000 plus. 


Tea House Theatre

Designed to recreate a traditional tea house atmosphere, the Tea House Theatre is the perfect place for an intimate encounter with Chinese traditional theatre. Our “Cantonese Opera and Tea” programme, presented by the Tea House Rising Stars Troupe, offers newcomers an introduction to the art form. Special performances for tour groups and student groups are available on request. Flexible seating capacity for up to 200.


Seminar Hall

Designed for screenings, talks and cultural exchanges, the Seminar Hall allows close communication and interaction between speakers and audience. Seating capacity 112. 




The Xiqu Centre houses four rehearsal studios of different sizes, each equipped with projection facilities and basic lighting and sound systems. Studios 1 and 3 have ceilings that are 8m high, providing realistic, stage-like overhead space. Studio 1 has dimensions the same as those of the stage to give performers an accurate sense of space and staging possibilities.