Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe: The Story of the Jade Hairpin

A tale of young love, this popular Kunqu romance – often seen as a measure of the skills of the lead male and female actors – sees a young scholar fall hopelessly for a pretty nun. Forced to part, they tearfully pledge to honour their love
28.8.2020|Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe: The Outburst of a Shrew

This much-loved comic tale of marital strife features the award-winning team of Yu Bin as the domineering wife and Li An as the henpecked husband forced to recognise the error of his wandering ways and the importance of submitting to a woman’s demands
29.8.2020|Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe: Ringing the Palace Bell

Based on a classic tale, this award-winning production presents a philosophical portrayal of an emperor facing the end of his rule. A rare Kunqu tale of war with Plum Blossom Award winner Li An taking the lead as Emperor Chongzhen
26.8.2020|Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

Dialogue | Cantonese Opera

Cantonese opera plays an important role in the lives of people in Hong Kong. This talk explores its transition from the use of Mandarin to the Cantonese vernacular, demonstrating vocal styles and techniques and offering a deeper understanding of the aesthetic features of the art form
30.6.2020|Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre

West Kowloon 101

West Kowloon 101 is a series of 90-minute public talks on arts appreciation, arts and cultural management and Chinese culture. Casual and informative, the talks offer a fundamental level of understanding to aid appreciation and enhance enjoyment of arts and cultural programmes. Register Now

Workshops at the Xiqu Centre

Our hands-on workshops are inspired by different elements of Chinese traditional theatre and regional cultural heritage, and offer interactive experiences for children, families and art lovers of all ages and abilities
Studio and Atrium, Xiqu Centre