• Standard Chartered Tea House Theatre Experience

    Tea House Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    Presented by our Tea House Rising Stars Troupe, this 90-minute narrated performance is specially designed to introduce new audiences to Chinese traditional theatre. To recreate the atmosphere of Hong Kong’s early 20th century tea houses, audiences are also served traditional tea and dim sum during the show

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  • Xiqu Film Screenings (January)

    26.01.2019 to 27.01.2019, Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre

    Accompanying our Grand Opening performance The Reincarnation of Red Plum – an acclaimed production by Hong Kong’s legendary stars Yam Kim-fai and Pak Suet-sin – this screening series presents three comic Cantonese opera films showing the magical Yam-Pak chemistry on screen

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  • Life's Blessing to Shen and Meng main image Spring Festival Showcase

    Life's Blessing to Shen and Meng

    09.02.2019, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    A Spring Festival staple, this entertaining comedy tells the story of a marital crisis involving a browbeaten scholar, a philandering father-in-law, false accusations and lies. But can there still be a happy ending?

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  • Xiqu Film Screenings (February)

    09.02.2019 to 24.02.2019, Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre

    Featuring seven Cantonese opera films produced in Hong Kong between 1948 and 1962, this screening series explores the complex relationship between on-stage and on-screen personas of some of the most renowned stage artists of the time. Also included is the award-winning contemporary documentary My Way, chronicling the struggle of two aspiring Cantonese opera actors

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  • Bound-foot Liu Jinding Battles at the Fort

    10.02.2019, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    After a heated duel, general Gao and Liu Jinding, the female chief of a mountain fortress, find themselves so drawn to each other that when Gao is captured by the enemy, Liu single-handedly comes to his rescue. An action-packed romantic drama offering a treat for martial arts fans

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