This July, as part of the 2019 Chinese Opera Festival, the Jiangsu Kunqu Opera Theatre presents an unmissable series of performances highlighting the elegant charms of Nankun – Kunqu of the Southern school – including a full rendition of The Mistake Caused by a Kite and two classic excerpt programmes showcasing the broad emotional range of the genre.

The performances offer Hong Kong audiences a rare opportunity to appreciate, live on stage, the talents of the troupe’s award-winning cast. Spanning three generations, the cast includes the renowned and highly-esteemed veteran artists Shi Xiaomei, Hu Jinfang and Zhang Jidie, all Representative Bearers of Kunqu Opera as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage and winners of the Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre. Also featured are winners of Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre Kong Aiping and Li Hongliang, as well as National Class One Performers Zhao Jian, Gong Yinlei and Qian Zhenrong.

The Mistake Caused by a Kite, by Qing dynasty writer Li Yu, tells the tale of a kite that breaks free from its string and leads to two marriages. The charming story, peppered with humour, fun and multiple twists and turns, is performed by a cast of veteran artists led by Li Hongliang, the President of Jiangsu Kunqu Opera Theatre and a renowned actor in chou (comic) roles. 

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19 July 2019 (Friday)


The Mistake Caused by a Kite (Full version)

Qian Zhenrong, Li Hongliang, Ji Shaoqing, Zhou Xianghong, Liu Xiao, Gu Jun, Xu Sijia, Qiu Caiping

20 July 2019 (Saturday)

“Pursuing Eternal Life” from The Story of Two Pearls

Xu Sijia, Zhou Xin, Zhao Yutao

“Catching Sanlang Alive” from The Water Margin

Gong Yinlei, Li Hongliang

“The Obsessive Dream” from Lanke Mountain

Xu Yunxiu, Ji Shaoqing, Liu Xiao, Qiu Caiping

“The Drunken Lu Zhishen Wreaking Havoc at the Monastery” from Braving Torture to File a Petition

Zhao Jian, Ji Shaoqing

“The Soul Departs” from The Peony Pavilion

Hu Jinfang, Zhang Jingzhi, Cong Haiyan

21 July (Sunday)



“Chance Encounter on a Boat” from The Peach Blossom Fan


Xu Sijia, Sun Jing, Qian Wei

 “The Mansion on the Lake” from Winning the Hand of the Beauty Nonpareil Qian Zhenrong, Li Hongliang
 “Pursuing the Dream” from The Peony Pavilion Kong Aiping, Cong Haiyan
 “Selling His Page” from The Legend of the Embroidered Coat Zhang Jidie, Zhou Xin
 “Looking at the Predictions of the Dynastic Fate of Ming” from The Iron Headgear Shi Xiaomei, Zhao Jian, Li Hongliang

Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

Regional languages with Chinese and English surtitles

Running time:
Approximately 3 hours, including an intermission of 15 minutes

Audiences are strongly advised to arrive punctually. Latecomers will only be admitted at a suitable break.

$480, $380, $280, $180


Online booking:
Credit card telephone booking: (852) 2111 5999
Ticketing enquiries: (852) 3761 6661

Tickets are available at the Xiqu Centre Ticket Office.

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The presenters reserve the right to change the programme and substitute artists.

The programme does not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Xiqu Centre or the West Kowloon Cultural District.

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