To celebrate our opening, the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Chamber of Commerce – founded in 2009 to promote artistic and operational excellence among local professional troupes – has curated a rich programme of new and traditional works. Brought to you by the veteran and emerging performers of its member troupes, the programme offers comedy, romance, martial arts and intrigue!

Date Time Performance
9 February 2019 (Saturday)  7:30pm Life's Blessing to Shen and Meng
10 February 2019 (Sunday)  7:30pm Bound-foot Liu Jinding Battles at the Fort
16 February 2019 (Saturday)  7:30pm The Curious Case of A Red Embroidered Shoe
17 February 2019 (Sunday)  7:30pm Goddess of the Ninth Heaven
18 February 2019 (Monday)  7:30pm The Knight Errant's Adventure in the Palace
19 February 2019 (Tuesday) 7:30pm The Sounds of Battle
20-21 February 2019 (Wednesday – Thursday) 7:30pm The Peregrinations of Confucius
22 February 2019 (Friday)  7:30pm Forty Years of Cherished Love
23 February 2019 (Saturday) 7:30pm The Butterfly and the Red Pear Blossoms
26 February 2019 (Tuesday) 7:30pm The Legend of the White Snake
28 February – 1 March 2019 (Thursday – Friday) 7:30pm Lady Spring Fragrance

Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

Performances in Cantonese with Chinese and English surtitles

Ticketing Enquiries:
(852) 2200 0022,

Tickets now on sale

Special thanks to the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Chamber of Commerce

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