As part of our grand opening programme, we present a special screening series of some of the most iconic xiqu films produced over eight decades. 

In February, we showcase seven Cantonese opera films produced in Hong Kong between 1948 and 1962. Starring renowned stage artists like Hung Sin-nui, Sun-Ma Sze-tsang, and Kwan Hoi-san, the films are testament to their artistic talents and an exciting historical record of the intricate relationship between on-stage and on-screen personas. Also included is the award-winning documentary My Way (2011) by Hong Kong filmmaker Cheuk Cheung, offering an inside perspective chronicling the seven-year struggle of two aspiring Cantonese opera actors.




9 February 2019 (Saturday)


The Judge Goes to Pieces

Cantonese opera / 1948 / B&W / 95min / D Beta / Lyrics with Chinese subtitles


Hung-neung the Matchmaker

Cantonese opera / 1958 / B&W / 105min / D Beta / Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

10 February 2019 (Sunday)


The Sword*

Cantonese opera / 1958 / B&W / 104min / D Beta / Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

*Screening courtesy of Mr and Mrs Chan Kam-yuen


Butterfly Beauty

Cantonese opera / 1959 / Colour / 109min / DVD / Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

23 February 2019 (Saturday)


My Way

Documentary / 2011 / Colour / 72min / DCP / Chinese and English subtitles


The Revenge Battle

Cantonese opera / 1964 / B&W / 100min D Beta / Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

24 February 2019 (Sunday)


Waiting for the Prodigal Son to Return

Cantonese opera / 1962 / Colour / 93min / D Beta / No subtitles


Fourth Brother Yeung Visits His Mother

Cantonese opera / 1959 / B&W / 91min / D Beta / Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre


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Screening courtesy of the Hong Kong Film Archive, Leisure and Cultural Services Department

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