A Thousand Faces: Cantonese Opera Legend Yau Sing-po

Dakao (Grand Armour) Yau Sing-po‘s costume in "Madame She"

Yau Sing-po at young age

Yau Sing-po and his father Yau King-hung

Yau Sing-po at Xiqu Centre (2018)

Yau Sing-po and Ng Kwan-lai starring "Beauty in Disguise"

Yau Sing-po and Mui Suet-see as Fuchai and Xishi in the 1990s

Postbill of "Full Moon over the Grand Realm", Double Chu Opera Troupe (1967)

Xiqu Centre Atrium



This May, the Xiqu Centre presents a special exhibition showcasing the life and work of legendary performer Yau Sing-po – one of the most charismatic and critically acclaimed artists in the history of Cantonese opera. Through rare stage recordings and interview footage, as well as photos, handbills and costumes from signature shows, the exhibition celebrates Yau’s life as an artist and his contribution to the development of Cantonese opera in Hong Kong in the 20th century. 


Born in 1934, and widely known as the “Chameleon of a Thousand Faces”, Yau had a career spanning over 80 years. From his stage debut at the age of six, he developed into a dedicated and accomplished performer with a repertoire ranging from traditional civilian dramas, martial plays and comedies, to innovative original works. Famed for the depth he lent to each of his characters, Yau possessed a unique versatility that enabled him to perform a wide variety of roles, including wenwusheng (male lead), wusheng (warrior), xiaosheng (young male), laosheng (old male), laodan (old female) and chou (comic).


Curated by xiqu scholars Dr Lee Siu-yan and Dr Tai Suk-yan, the exhibition illustrates the remarkable life, work and influence of a Cantonese opera titan, and examines the evolution of traditional xiqu culture in the modern world.


Mr Yau Sing-po


Dr Lee Siu-yan 


Assistant Curator: 
Dr Tai Suk-yan


Ms Li Pui-yan