Future of Performance: Bright Day

Future of Performance: Bright Day

Future of Performance: Bright Day

Future of Performance: Bright Day

Freespace The Room


A co-created waking dream experience exploring the city’s collective unconscious


Part of the Future of Performance series, the experimental participatory experience Bright Day invites the audience to be central participants in a co-created waking dream. Over a period of a week, trans-disciplinary artist Chan Kwun-fee and sound artists Fiona Lee and AK Kan collaborate with audience-participants on a two-part exploratory journey that delves into the city’s collective unconscious.


The first part of the journey is conducted by audience-participants individually at home. The second part takes place at Freespace and involves a communal experience – part dream, part waking reality – in a constructed environment of soundscapes and imagery.


Notes on the Production
The two-part experience does not feature live actors or live performances and requires active participation by audience-participants.


Part 1: Dreaming Alone
Before the event date of Part Two, ticket holders will receive a “dream pack”. This requires finish before the group session at Freespace. Please note that these guidelines are in Chinese only.


Part 2: Dreaming Together
The group part of the experience takes place in The Room at Freespace according to the date and time selected.


Artistic Concept

Ghosts and memories are everywhere. If night-time experiences occur during the day, are we dreaming or awake? Channelling the collective dreams of the people of this city, we create an urban collective unconscious – a shared experience beyond waking, beyond dreams.


About the Future of Performance series


In 2020, Freespace commissioned three teams of young local artists to explore the future of contemporary theatre and performance through innovative new creations. These collaborations evolved into three new works being presented during the 2021/2022 season: A Thousand Plateaus, Bright Day and Presence.


Creative Team:

Co-creators: Chan Kwun-fee, Fiona Lee, AK Kan

Video: Natalie Lo Lai-lai

Lighting Designer: Wong Ka-ki

Projection Designer: Benny Yu

Assistant Set Designer: Tiffany Lau

Creative Co-ordinator: Maurice Yim*

Assistant Producer: Franco Yau*

Producer: Bobo Lee*


* Staff of West Kowloon Cultural District


Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China 25th Anniversary



Creative Tomorrow

The Programme is part of “Creative Tomorrow” exclusively sponsored by
The Hong Kong Jockey Club.


Exclusive Sponsor:

The Hong Kong Jockey Club


Presented by Freespace