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The Stage Movements of Cantonese Opera

In two separate talks, experienced Cantonese opera performers look at how acting, martial arts and dance are combined in Cantonese opera to create patterns of formulaic gesture that contribute to the unfolding of plot and help define character for male and female roles
26.1-23.2.2021|Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre and live-streaming

Dear 2021 – Lee Tik-lun, John Ho Chun-hei

In anticipation of the new year, Xiqu Centre and Freespace invited some of our long-time partners to share their artistry and their hopes for 2021. We are releasing one new video each day for eleven days, starting on New Year’s Eve

Feature Stories

Interviews and articles about Xiqu Centre programmes, commissions and our work to nurture artists and promote the art of Chinese opera


Xiqu Film Screenings (March)

The series comprises five iconic xiqu films, each highlighting a different opera genre and starring an esteemed female xiqu artist. From rare footage of xiqu performers to modern adaptations of period dramas, these screen gems tell women’s stories from ancient China that still resonate today
19-23.3.2021|Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre

Tea House Theatre Student Matinees (English)

This English-language programme for schools offers non-Chinese speaking secondary students an introduction to Cantonese opera through a guided tour of the Xiqu Centre and a narrated performance in the Tea House Theatre
1.2-31.3.2021|Xiqu Centre

West Kowloon 101

West Kowloon 101 is a series of 90-minute public talks on arts appreciation, arts and cultural management and Chinese culture. Casual and informative, the talks offer a fundamental level of understanding to aid appreciation and enhance enjoyment of arts and cultural programmes. Register Now

Workshops at the Xiqu Centre

Our hands-on workshops are inspired by different elements of Chinese traditional theatre and regional cultural heritage, and offer interactive experiences for children, families and art lovers of all ages and abilities
Studio and Atrium, Xiqu Centre

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