Sigg Prize 2019 exhibition

Six shortlisted artists selected by an international jury of the inaugural Sigg Prize, present a range of mediums, including sculpture, site-specific installation, video and performance. The work featured in this exhibition address pressing questions that resonate across contexts
7.12.2019 - 13.4.2020|M+ Pavilion, Art Park

M+ Matters and M+ International: Archigram Cities

‘Archigram in the Cities’ propose a series of encounters between members of the Archigram group and architects, scholars, students, and the wider public from Hong Kong, mainland China, and elsewhere
12-15.2.2020|HKU & Power Station of Art, Shanghai

Sigg Prize 2019 exhibition programmes

In conjunction with the exhibition, M+ presents a series of free tours and public programmes

M+ Hackathon—City of Objects

‘City of Objects’ invites students, designers, artists, technologists, and cultural enthusiasts to embark on a journey that explores the concept of objects through different lenses—everyday life, personal and cultural identities, and virtuality
22-23.2.2020|Eaton House

2019 M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship Public Talks

The 2019 M+ / Design Trust Research Fellows, Oliver Elser and Yasmin Tri Aryani, present their research findings in this public forum
29.2.2020|St. Stephen’s College

M+ Pioneers Membership Programme

Welcome offer: Become a member of M+ Pioneers within January 2020 to enjoy a limited-time offer of 15 per cent discount on your first purchase at the M+ Shop until 31 January 2020

M+ Rover 2020

This year’s programme is designed for primary schools, and it will see M+ Rover visiting local schools from February to July 2020

M+ Shop

A selection of products inspired by the work of the six artists is offered at the M+ Shop, as an extension of the concepts presented in the Sigg Prize 2019 exhibition

M+ Stories

Before heading to the newest M+ Pavilion exhibition, familiarise yourself with the Sigg Prize, shortlisted artists, and their work

The M+ Collections

Visit the M+ Collections Beta, an evolving website presenting over 5,000 objects

M+ Sigg Collection

The Sigg Collection is recognised as the most comprehensive and important collection in the world of Chinese contemporary art from the 1970s to the present