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Poon Wai-sum pens and directs alleged black comedy


Some say she’s a centurion. Having lived alone for years, she announces her self-exile on her proclaimed 100th birthday, when she plans to move from month to month to the homes of her three children until the day she can no longer walk, where she’ll stay put until she meets her Maker.


Her three children all suffer from their own family strife and personal problems. When they hear their mother’s new strategic plan, they are all at a loss. This is the last straw in their beleaguered existence. Will they survive this test?


Following The Diary of Song, Poon Wai-sum returns to the HKRep in a new show of his dexterity as playwright and director, bringing to the stage the love and sorrow of a multigenerational family. HKRep veteran Chow Chi-fai appears en travesti as the matriarch, elevating Poon’s fantastic theatre aesthetics to another level.


Playwright and Director Poon Wai-sum will join a post-performance sharing in performances on 25 September 2022 (Sunday) and 1 October 2022 (Saturday).


Playwright and Director:
Poon Wai-sum


Playwright and Director: Poon Wai-sum
Scenographer: Moon Yip
Light and Live Cinema Designer: Fung Kwok Kee Gabriel
Costume Designer: Yuen Hon Wai
Composer & Sound Designer: Wei Fangxia
Movement Designer: Ata Wong*
Cast: Chow Chi-fai, Ko Hon-man, Mercy Wong, Chris Sun, Wong Hiu-yee, Poon Tai-ming, Trickle Choi, Luk Ka-ki, Chan Kiu, Dee To
*With the kind permission of Théâtre de la Feuille


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