Living Heritage Workshop: Imitation Kingfisher Feather Brooch

Xiqu Centre Studio


Create your own brooch using ribbon to imitate the traditional art of kingfisher feather inlay


In this hands-on workshop, participants learn how to produce a handmade brooch combining traditional jewellery decorating techniques and contemporary design.


In the past, headdress pieces and jewellery were often decorated with eye-catching inlays of blue kingfisher feathers. Taking inspiration from this ancient technique, local artist Ng Sze-yu demonstrates how to use ribbon to imitate the effect of the iridescent feathers. Guiding participants through the process of fabric snagging, sizing, drying, pasting and inlaying, Ng shares how to design and create a unique, wearable brooch.


Ng Sze-yu


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Friends of Hong Kong Association Ltd


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