Freespace Jazz Fest: Experimental Lab

Freespace The Room


Bringing together artists from a variety of musical fields for exciting impromptu experiments in improvisation


Embodying the free spirit of improvisation, the Experimental Lab brings together musicians and new media artists in Hong Kong, Seoul, Berlin, Zurich and Montreal for exciting live and real-time virtual collaborations. Connecting artists and audiences around the globe, the immersive adventure in improvisation challenges preconceptions and offers a kaleidoscope of impromptu creative experiments in sound and visual media.


This year’s event features five ticketed performances. Each performance includes two individual star sessions showcasing a vibrant mix of artists from different backgrounds. Participating artists include Daniel Chu, Olivier Cong, Loisey and Charles Kwong in Hong Kong, the artists in Seoul on traditional instruments from Korea, the CLOrk-Concordia Laptop Orchestra in Montreal, and avant-garde musicians in Berlin and Zurich.


The performances will also be broadcast live online for audiences around the world. Stay tuned for details.



28 October 2022 (Friday) 8:30pm
Berlin | Zurich | Hong Kong

Set 1
Clarinet: Charles Ng (Zurich) Instagram
Keyboard: Daniel Chu (Hong Kong) Instagram
Erhu: Longman Luk (Hong Kong) Instagram
Saxophone: Joan Jordi Oliver (Zurich) Instagram
Electronics: Larry Shuen (Hong Kong) Instagram
Violin: Iulia-Andreea Smeu (Zurich) Instagram
Set 2
Guitar: Eric Wong (Berlin) Instagram
Trumpet: Carina Khorkhordina (Berlin) Instagram
Electronics: Charles Kwong (Hong Kong) Instagram, Lawrence Lau (Hong Kong) Instagram, Fiona Lee (Hong Kong) Instagram


29 October 2022 (Saturday) 3:00pm
Hong Kong

Set 1
Drums, Percussion: KITTLAU :: kittytrouble Instagram
Electronics: Lawrence Lau Instagram, Allison Fong Instagram
Bass: Wong Tak-chung Instagram
Media Artist: Homan So Instagram
Set 2
Guitar: Michael Chan Instagram
Eurorack: Loisey Instagram
Saxophone: Brian Cheung Instagram, Timothy Wan Instagram
Media Artist: Caesar Seto Instagram


29 October 2022 (Saturday) 5:30pm
Hong Kong

Set 1
Drums, Percussion: Adonian Chan Instragram
Clarinet: Linus Fung Facebook
Pipa: Mavis Lam Facebook
Fretless Guitar: Adam Neutron Instagram
Media Artist: 2hz Instagram
Set 2
Guitar: Michael Chan Instagram
Electronics: Charles Kwong Instagram
Electronics, Guitar: Gut Lam Instagram
Erhu: Longman Luk Instagram
Media Artist: EJAR (EASTERN JADE Art Renaissance) Instagram


30 October 2022 (Sunday) 2:00pm
Montreal | Hong Kong

Set 1
Electronics: CLOrk-Concordia Laptop Orchestra (Concordia University, Montreal) Facebook
Guitar: Edward Chiu (Hong Kong) Instagram
Electronics: Lawrence Lau (Hong Kong) Instagram
Eurorack: Loisey (Hong Kong) Instagram
Set 2
Electronics: CLOrk-Concordia Laptop Orchestra (Concordia University, Montreal) Facebook
Double Bass: Nelson Fung Instagram
Guitar: James [email protected] Vacation Instagram
Saxophone: Scott Murphy Instagram


30 October 2022 (Sunday) 6:30pm
Seoul | Hong Kong

Set 1
Daegeum: Dasom Baek (Seoul) Instagram
Haegeum: Kang-san Lee (Seoul) Instagram
Geomungo: In-a Kang (Seoul) Instagram
Synthesiser: Olivier Cong (Hong Kong) Instagram
Erhu: Longman Luk (Hong Kong) Instagram
Guitar: Tsui Chin-hung (Hong Kong) Instagram
Double Bass: Nelson Fung (Hong Kong) Instagram
Set 2
Gayageum: Jungmin Seo (Seoul) Instagram
Yanggeum: Hwiseon Choe (Seoul) Instagram
Double Bass: In-hwan Choi (Seoul) Instagram
Synthesiser: Olivier Cong (Hong Kong) Instagram
Clarinet: Linus Fung (Hong Kong) Facebook
Double Bass: Nelson Fung (Hong Kong) Instagram
Pipa: Mavis Lam (Hong Kong) Facebook



Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China 25th Anniversary



Creative Tomorrow

The Programme is part of “Creative Tomorrow” exclusively sponsored by
The Hong Kong Jockey Club.



Exclusive Sponsor:

The Hong Kong Jockey Club



Supporting Partner:

Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong


Programme Partner:

CLOck - Concordia Laptop Orchestra


Zurich University of the Arts


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