Phygital D: Lu Yang – DOKU, The Binary World

Phygital D: Lu Yang – DOKU, The Binary World

Phygital D: Lu Yang – DOKU, The Binary World

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A high-energy audiovisual experience with real-time motion capture, live performance and virtual avatars in Hong Kong and Sydney


This October, Shanghai-based new media artist Lu Yang premieres the live motion capture performance DOKU, The Binary World as a real-time collaboration between dancers in Hong Kong and Sydney. Interacting in a shared virtual environment, the dancers and avatars at Freespace and the Sydney Opera House shuttle simultaneously through multiple binary realms.


The high-energy audiovisual experience draws on Buddhist philosophy, club culture, video games and the aesthetics of anime. Embodying the avatar forms of Lu Yang’s genderless digital reincarnation Doku – Dokusho Dokushi, “We are born alone, we die alone” – the dancers present binary combinations of deities from the six realms of Buddhist reincarnation: Heaven and Hell, Human and Animal, Hungry Ghosts and Asura (Jealous gods). The performance includes music by liiii and virtual visual effects manipulated live by an Xbox controller.


Lu Yang’s work has been presented around the world, and is featured in The Milk of Dreams show at this year’s Venice Biennale.


The performance is accompanied by two events offering insight into the creative process – Phygital D: Demonstration workshop – The creative possibilities of motion capture (8 October), a sharing with digital production studio MetaObjects about the technology used in the performance; as well as an additional pre-performance talk. Full details of the talk to be announced. Please stay tuned to Freespace’s social media platforms for updates. 


Core Team:
Artist: Lu Yang
Musician/Composer: liiii
Production and Development (Sydney): Exhibitionist
Production and Development (Hong Kong): MetaObjects
Hell Environment 3D Design: Extreme John


Hong Kong Live Performance:
Producer: Dr Ashley Lee Wong
Technical Lead: Andrew Crowe
Technical Assistant and AV Coordinator: Edwin Lo
Dancer: Kenny Leung


Sydney Live Performance:
Producer: Mathew Spisbah
Motion Capture Technician AV Coordinator: Dr Sam McGilp
Choreographer: Harrison Hall
Dancer: Taigi Kita-Leong



Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China 25th Anniversary



Creative Tomorrow

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The Hong Kong Jockey Club.


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