Access Services

We offer a range of scheduled or on-request access services for our programmes. The following set of icons provides easy identification of access provision at our district and events. For details of services available at specific events, please refer to individual programmes.



A profile of a human face with mouth opened, next to the icon representing “easy to read” information, comprised a group of shapes including triangle, square and circle. Access Tour
Individually adapted guided tours that accommodate the access needs of a participating group.
Acronym of Audio Description, AD, with 3 right brackets next to the capital letter D, resembling sound wave. Audio Description
Verbal description of visual elements in an art piece, performance or event. Used to supplement the visual information for people who are blind or have a low vision.
A thick line crossing from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. On top of it is a graphic of an ear. Assistive Listening
The provision of assistive listening devices (ALDs) that help amplify and clarify sound by reducing ambient noise.
A thick line crossing from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. On top of it is a graphic of an ear; then a capital letter “T”, acronym of T-coil, at the bottom right corner. Induction Loop System
Assistive listening for people using hearing aids with T-coil.
English acronym of Open caption, OC with the Chinese acronym on top. Open Captions / Surtitles
Open captions for performances, or open / closed captions for videos.
Two identical hand gestures of Okay, placed reversely, fingers of left hand points upwards, while fingers of right hand points downwards. Hong Kong Sign Interpretation
Hong Kong Sign interpretation is the translation between spoken language and Hong Kong Sign language. It facilitates communications between hearing people and people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Theatrical Interpretation
Theatrical interpretation is a more expressive form of Sign language interpretation. It enhances the interpretation of spoken language, conversation or songs in any art form performed on stage.
A hand touching on a surface by thumb, index and middle finger. Tactile Graphics / Tactile Tools
Assistive tools that enable visitors to understand information through touch.
Two columns of dots of 3, which is the six-point system of Braille. Braille Information
The translation of text information into Braille format for people who are blind or have a low vision.
Two capital letter ‘A’ placing side by side, and the one on the left is magnified by a magnifier. Large Print Information
Information presented in larger fonts with clear formatting for easy reading.
A group of shapes arranged triangularly: a triangle on top, then a square and a circle at the lower left and right corner. Easy to Read Information
Information presented in an easy to read manner for quick and clear reference.

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