SerendiCity: Lukas Truniger – Distributive Intelligence | A Group Mind

Xiqu Centre


A spontaneous kinetic light performance generated by reactive robotic objects as they interact with each other, the audience and the environment


In February and March, Xiqu Centre is transformed by an immersive kinetic light installation generated by hundreds of robot-like mechanical modules.


Inspired by the collective behaviour of organic living communities, Distributive Intelligence | A Group Mind by Swiss artist Lukas Truniger offers a reflection on the complexity of interaction between individuals through a dynamic society of robotic objects. Performing together in a spontaneous form of digitally choreographed dance, the robots interact with each other, the audience and the environment around them, generating a new kind of live collective space through their collective intelligence and digital group mind.


Distributive Intelligence | A Group Mind is presented as part of SerendiCity – a media arts festival showcasing new perspectives on art, urban environments, people and technology. 


Lukas Truniger



Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China 25th Anniversary



Creative Tomorrow

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