A media arts festival showcasing exciting experiential encounters between people, technology and the urban environment – outdoors, indoors and online


In February and March 2023, the media arts festival SerendiCity offers an exciting series of free, avant-garde multisensory experiences – many specially commissioned for specific sites around the district.


Taking place indoors and outdoors – in the Art Park, the Xiqu Centre and on various online platforms – the festival includes large-scale immersive experiential installations, interactive art, performances, games and web show that open up thought-provoking new perspectives on technology, art and urban lifestyles.  


For three consecutive weeks, see the night skies above the Great Lawn of the Art Park transformed by Borealis, a vibrant recreation of the Northern Lights by Swiss artist Dan Acher. Nearby, Berlin-based artist Robert Seidel’s Petrichor reshapes the Dry Riverbed with a luminous digital landscape that immerses visitors in an alternative world of hybrid digital flora and artificial mist. At the Xiqu Centre, acclaimed artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Biometric Theatre presents a series of audience-centred interactive installations, including a suspended landscape of light bulbs that pulsates to the rhythm of visitor heartbeats.


Other programmes include Chilai Howard’s The Orchestra of Temple Street – a realtime, generative online artwork driven by on-site visitor experiences of the Temple Street neighbourhood and accessed via a mobile app, a lecture performance series presented by international media artists, and much more. Full programme details to be announced early February 2023.


SerendiCity is curated by Kyle Chung, a Hong Kong curator whose work explores the dynamics between technologies, materiality and human agency. It is the final event in our

Creative Tomorrow season, exclusively sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club.


Date Programme Venue
13 February–5 March 2023 Dan Acher – Borealis Art Park
13 February–5 March 2023 Robert Seidel – Petrichor Art Park
13 February–5 March 2023 Lukas Truniger – Distributive Intelligence | A Group Mind Xiqu Centre
13 February–5 March 2023 Rafael Lozano-Hemmer – Biometric Theatre Xiqu Centre
27 February–1 March 2023 Enoch Cheng – Remembering the Red Chamber Xiqu Centre
13 February–5 March 2023 Team 9 x Milo Tse – “Word Game” Special Edition  ‘A Practical Poet’ Xiqu Centre
13 February–5 March 2023 Chilai Howard – The Orchestra of Temple Street Online
13 February–5 March 2023 Vvzela Kook – A Village Idyll on a Radioactive Field Online
17 February–5 March 2023 Mak2 – Hong Kong’s Next Top Artist Online
2–3 March 2023 Lecture Performances Xiqu Centre



Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China 25th Anniversary



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SerendiCity is part of "Creative Tomorrow" exclusively sponsored by
The Hong Kong Jockey Club.


Exclusive Sponsor:

The Hong Kong Jockey Club